THE RUFFIAN Vintage Green - Bosch CX / Gates (EU)

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The Daddy Of All Ebikes
This is the R.C.O.G. * Bike. A stand-out personality for everybody battling understatement.
If low-key is not your key, this is your eBike of choice. Unrivaled look, impeccable performance and true love in every detail.
Get ready to attract attention.

Handcrafted For You
Presenting the most iconic steel tank in the bicycle world in combination with an sturdy aluminum frame.
Handcrafted for leaders, pacesetters and first-movers from 160 to 195cm.

Guilt-Free Motorcycle Feeling
Cruise the streets in the style of a classic motorbike with THE RUFFIAN. Boasting a showstopping headlight, distinctive handle-bar and breathtaking details. Being mean has never been so nice to your environment.


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